Toenail Fungus and Its Treatment

Many people in NYC have been suffering from toenail fungus. Are you one of them and think that you have to live with it for the rest of your life? You are wrong. Getting in touch with a foot surgeon in NYC can help you get rid of this. Your local podiatrist Dr. Solomon offers several prescription treatments that can cure this unsightly infection and get you enduring relief. Therefore, schedule a visit with her and she will find the right minimally invasive treatment for you.

Dr. Solomon will evaluate all symptoms with a thorough consultation and examination to get you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Thus, you can exclude any underlying serious condition. If you have any queries regarding the treatment provided here or you want to simply book an appointment, get in touch.

What is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus, aka tinea unguium or onychomycosis, is considered a cosmetic issue. But sometimes a thickened nail can promote pressure, leading to Toe pain and blisters. Thickened fungal nails can also dig into the surrounding skin causing an ingrown nail. If you are facing any problems like these, the condition needs to be evaluated by Dr. Solomon, an NYC foot doctor. Conventional treatment is always advised before you opt for any surgical solution.

The common signs are:

  • Discolored and distorted nails

  • The affected nail becomes thicker and more difficult to trim

  • Your nail begins to crumble along the edges

  • Your nails lose their shine and appear dull

Other Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Cure

If the fungus starts to affect the skin in between your toes, in such cases, your NYC foot doctor may diagnose you with an athlete’s foot. But the fact is, athlete’s foot is easily treatable while toenail fungus needs a lengthier and involved treatment. Sometimes, sufferers may also find foul odors that come from fungus getting trapped under your nail. Damage to your nail by dropping a heavy thing on your toe or dancing in ballet shoes increases your risk of contracting nail fungus. When it comes to the treatment, conventional treatment always comes first and if required, the doctor will recommend minimally invasive surgery.

If you find yourself suffering from these symptoms, visit and consult the best podiatrist like Dr. Solomon to treat your toenail fungus with the most up-to-date technology as well as medication. If you have diabetes, it is even more vital that you visit your NYC foot doctor when you notice any symptoms of nail fungus in the first place. Diabetics often tend to get infections by cutting themselves while trying to trim thick nails.

Surgeries done by a professional and highly experienced podiatrist like Dr. Solomon assures quick heal. This is because all surgeries are minimally invasive and that is why you can quickly get back to your normal life. Also, these surgeries are aesthetic which means the doctors take care of your foot aesthetics while doing surgery. The NYC foot doctor first checks your feet for the signs of fungus. A piece of the nail can be taken as a sample and sent for lab testing.