Plantar Warts and Its Treatment

Warts on the skin are caused by a virus and plantar warts are easily transmitted through touch. Generally found on the bottom of the foot, these warts are often painful and can be difficult to treat. From different topical medications to surgical excision of the skin lesions – there are many treatments available for plantar warts. All your symptoms should always be evaluated by a trusted foot doctor. If you have any such problem, get a thorough consultation and examination by Dr. Solomon.

She will offer an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to exclude any underlying serious condition. You will be first advised to opt for the conventional treatment depending on your condition. If that doesn’t work, the foot surgeon might recommend minimally invasive surgery. To book an expert consultation, call us today.

What Are Plantar Warts?

Plantar means the bottom of the foot and plantar warts are typically found here. A podiatry doctor in New York can treat this problem. Your foot doctor Dr. Solomon offers many treatments for warts and if prior treatments have been unsuccessful, she will be able to offer new options. Here you will get efficient solutions for curing your lower extremity ailments. While plantar warts are non-cancerous, sometimes people mistake cancerous lesions for warts. These are skin developments caused by viral infections on the top skin layer.

  • The virus is a human papillomavirus or HPV.

  • Plantar warts aren’t malignant or even harmful.

  • These are a contagious viral infection.

  • Some of these can be really painful.

Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Warts easily spread from one foot to the other because these are contagious. They can even spread from person to person. The transmission can be indirect, for example, by sharing shoes or sharing a shower with an infected person. The risk of getting warts varies from person to person. If you have a weak immune system or you are disposed to the virus, chances are higher in your case. But you can always take precautionary measures to avoid infection. For example – wear sandals in locker rooms, avoid sharing your shoes, keep your feet clean and dry, etc. Consult Dr. Solomon to get a full list of precautions.

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment, your foot doctor in NYC can diagnose plantar warts by examining the growth or lesion on your foot. Also, they slice the lesions and check for the tiny blood vessels that are sometimes mistaken as seeds. The diagnosis also involves biopsy and the sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. This is how the diagnosis is done.

Treatment for plantar warts comes in various forms. Dr. Solomon, your foot doctor in New York, may recommend prescription wart treatments along with in-office processes. Just like with most medical problems, you’ll get the most effective treatments from this podiatrist. She can help you determine which treatment will be the best suited depending on your individual case. Even if your problem seems to me minor apparently, you should see a doctor.