What is Morton’s Neuroma?

A Morton’s Neuroma is an abnormal growth of nerve tissue in the foot. It can cause intense burning pain and numbness in your foot. Neuromas generally form near the base of the toes and these develop when the metatarsal bones rub and squeeze the nerve. Neuromas are non-cancerous, benign growths that can be easily treated at the office of Dr. Solomon. The pain generally becomes worse in the winter when people wear narrow boots. And the pain regresses during the summer months when people wear sandals.

In severe cases, you can literally feel the knot of nerve tissue popping upward when you place your foot on the ground. No matter what the symptom is, these should always be assessed with a thorough consultation and examination by an experienced NYC podiatrist such as Dr. Solomon. Only a proper evaluation can lead to an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to deal with any underlying severe issue. Contact us for consultation.

Morton’s Neuroma and Its Treatment

Neuromas generally result partially by increased pressure on the forefoot. Increased forefoot pressure can result from various factors. And wearing heeled shoes is one of the common and top reasons. Top-rated podiatrists like Dr Solomon in New York City will recommend you to take a break from high-heeled shoes if you are having pain. The podiatrists come with both surgical and conservative treatment options to relieve patients from moderate to severe pain and problems.

  • There are conservative treatment options that can help relieve your pain even if you need to carry on wearing heels for work.

  • If conservative treatments do not work, only then the doctor may recommend surgery.

  • Dr. Sophia Solomon is reputed for offering aesthetically pleasing and minimally invasive surgeries.

  • The surgeries are minimally scarring and their aim is to accelerate the recovery period.

Symptom, Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Usually when in high heels or any narrow shoes that squeeze your toes together, Neuromas are the most painful. The most common symptoms are burning pain under the forefoot, numbness in the toes, etc. The pain might feel like a burning sensation, a tingling, numbness on the balls of your feet, swelling between your toes, pain in the ball of the foot, etc. You may also feel like you have a stone in your shoe, or socks bunched up in your shoe. You may feel way better when you stop walking, take your shoes off and rub the soreness. But what is even more important is to visit an NYC podiatrist like Dr. Solomon.

She can help you ensure the growth is not getting more serious. The pain can make you put more weight on other areas of your foot and that can create other problems. Dr. Solomon evaluates all symptoms with a thorough consultation and examination. Thus, she will get you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that will help you exclude any underlying serious problem.

Wearing heels can be considered one of the main reasons for Morton’s Neuroma. Heels higher than two inches can cause neuromas because of the pressure placed on your toes. According to the specialists, because of the types of shoe women wear, they are about 10 times more likely to get neuromas than men. Many other causes too can contribute to nerve conditions as this.