Dr. Sophia Solomon

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Dr. Sophia Solomon is considered one of the top podiatrists in New York City specializing in hammertoe surgery. She holds years of experience, skill, knowledge, and all that is required to accurately diagnose and fix the foot deformity. She performs innovative and minimally invasive hammertoe surgery. At first, she will diagnose your condition and then will tell you if hammertoe surgery is a suitable option for you. Her team performs the surgery by using state-of-the-art surgical tools accessible in the United States. After discussing all the associated risks and advantages she will answer all your questions regarding the surgery you are going for. The procedure will not hamper the aesthetics of your foot.

The minimal scar hammertoe surgery performed by Dr. Sophia Solomon will improve the stability of your foot; relieve pain while improving the aesthetics of your foot. Also, you can return to work sooner. She also specializes in bunion surgeryachilles tendon surgerycorn removal surgerycustom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, flat foot surgeryfoot fracture surgeryheel spur surgeryminimally invasive foot surgeryplantar fasciitis surgeryingrown toenail surgery, and more.

This top-rated surgeon will need X-rays to examine and evaluate the toe deformity. Consulting her will get you an accurate diagnosis. She will recommend suitable options for hammertoe treatment depending on your foot type. If you are looking for minimally- invasive hammertoe surgery, Dr. Solomon can help! After determining that the hammertoe removal procedure is your best option for you, the surgeon can use various surgical techniques as follows.

What is Hammertoe Surgery?

A hammertoe is a type of foot deformity in which the toe becomes bent at the joint. It often ends up causing pain and is also, involved with forming corns over the toe. These are not only painful but also cause a lot of embarrassment. Traditional treatments usually comprise padding, stretching, orthotics, and strapping of the toes. If you have ever tried these traditional treatments but did not get relief, opt for surgically straightening the toes.

Dr. Solomon performs minimally-invasive (hidden-incision) New York hammer toe surgery. The symptoms should always be evaluated through a thorough consultation and examination by a trusted and experienced podiatrist like her. Only thus, you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to deal with any underlying severe problem. Contact her for consultation.

Hammer Toe Surgery Recovery

After your hammertoe surgery in New York is done, you can walk on your feet the same day! After the hammertoe release surgery, the doctor might give you a special surgical shoe to relieve pressure when you walk. It helps in keeping your foot elevated to above the level of your heart especially during the first week after the surgery. Generally, stitches are removed two weeks after the surgery. This podiatric doctor may also recommend an exercise plan designed to move and stretch your toes.

This will help in accelerating recovery while maintaining flexibility in your toes. Even though different people have different recovery rates, following the instructions of your podiatrist will help you heal fast. Pain will diminish over time and you will soon have a painless straight toe.

Recovery after hammertoe surgery starts as soon as the surgery is complete. Of course, some swelling and pain will be there, but the inflammation and pain will reduce with time. To get specific post-operative instructions, consult Dr. Solomon. Therefore, when you’re tired of suffering from pain and discomfort, consult Dr. Solomon, a hammertoe surgery specialist. Her team of highly experienced podiatry doctors in New York is ready to solve your foot problems.