Flat Feet and Surgery

Flat feet can lead to moderate uneasiness to severe pain, arthritis, and even tendon degeneration. This should not be left untreated and you need to start treating it from an early age. Do you think that your flat foot pain is affecting your lifestyle on a daily basis? Do not waste time and consult Dr. Solomon, your New York foot doctor. And if conventional treatment doesn’t get you relief, she may recommend flat foot surgery. The aim of flat foot surgery is to create an arch in the foot.

Also, surgery might help in realigning your center of gravity to a functionally optimal position. Remember that this type of surgery needs a long recovery period and that is why foot surgeons always recommend attempting conservative care first. Do you want to consult Dr. Sophia Solomon regarding your flat feet problems? Book an appointment today.

How to Tell if a Surgery Could Help You

Are you suffering from flat feet? If yes then you may have seen or felt symptoms of foot and ankle pain even while doing normal daily activities. For example – you may have difficulty in walking or running while you may also notice unusual types of wear on your shoes. If you have tried using orthotics or bracing with little to no success and if you find it difficult to even stand on your toes, then your New York City foot doctor may recommend surgical treatment. The non-surgical treatments you may try before having surgery are immobilization, rest, braces, shoe inserts, physical therapy, etc.

A good podiatrist in NYC such as Dr. Solomon will perform a thorough examination of your foot. Usually, the surgical evaluation comprises a thorough medical history and several x-rays. Also, you might need to opt for an MRI if tendon involvement is suspected. If you have been taking steroids or have diabetes, your condition should be evaluated by your primary care doctor prior to considering surgery for your flat foot.

Having diabetes may prevent you from being a candidate for flat foot surgery. Also, if you have blood clots, wound problems, obesity, smoking addictions, etc. – there are higher chances you may be at a risk for complications due to surgery. Please note that getting completely recovered from flat foot surgery can take 6 months or sometimes even more.

Details of Flat Foot Surgery

Flat foot surgery combines a set of procedures that help in repairing the tendons and bone that support your arch. The process may also help improve the shape and functionality of your arch. Flat foot surgery can be divided into several categories depending on how they repair your tendons and ligaments or correct deformities of the bones, or sometimes both. Before determining the best suitable set of procedures for surgery, your NYC foot doctor will evaluate which combination of procedures fits your condition.

Dr. Solomon will generally perform the procedure under general or regional anesthesia (as required). If you have flat feet, the tendon running under your foot (posterior tibial tendon) is typically stretched and not functioning properly. You may require surgery if this tendon is thickened, torn, or atrophied. With surgery, your foot doctor will remove the thickened part of the tendon, repair the tear or sometimes, even perform a tendon transfer if required.

Excessive stresses that lead to flat feet can tear the ligaments that support the arch. And this procedure is known as the spring ligament. Stresses can also tear the deltoid ligament inside the ankle. Your foot doctor Dr. Sophia Solomon will determine the right course of treatment for repairing these ligaments, depending on their condition. Also, a tight Achilles tendon can lead to a flat foot This can be treated with surgery by lengthening the muscular fibers in your calf.