Flat Feet and Its Treatment

Flat feet can lead to various problems such as arthritis, pain, tendon degeneration, etc. This problem is something that needs to be treated from an early age. If you think that your flat foot pain is badly impacting your quality of life, Dr. Solomon, a New York foot doctor may recommend flat foot surgery. The goal of flat foot surgery is to create an arch in the foot. Thus, it focuses on realigning the center of gravity to a position that is functionally optimal.

Remember that, a surgery like this needs a long recovery period. Therefore, you should always attempt conservative care first. Flat foot surgery can be taken as reconstructive surgery. The surgery is done in a customized way. If you want to know more, consult Dr. Sophia Solomon.

Flat Feet Surgery

The doctor decides on a suitable and tailored flat feet surgery depending on each foot bone structure and tendon health of an individual patient. At first, thorough consultation and examination should be done for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Then you must discuss all symptoms along with potential procedural, and surgical options with your podiatrist. The flat feet surgery done by Dr. Solomon is minimally invasive, and minimally scarring.

  • Minimally scarring

  • Minimally invasive

  • Takes Care of the Aesthetics

  • Faster Recovery Time

Flat Feet Symptoms and Treatment

If you are suffering from flat feet, you may have come across several symptoms of foot and ankle pain. You may experience inconveniences even when you are doing your normal daily activities. Do not overlook symptoms such as difficulty while walking or running and unusual patterns of wear on your shoes. If you have already used orthotics or bracing with little to no success and if you find it difficult to stand on your toes without pain, then your New York City foot doctor may recommend surgical treatment. There are some non-surgical treatments too that you may try before surgery.

The non-surgical solutions that you may try before surgery are immobilization, rest, braces, shoe inserts, physical therapy, etc. Before diagnosis and recommending treatment or surgery, Dr. Solomon, an experienced podiatrist in NYC will perform a thorough examination of your foot. The surgical evaluation generally comprises a thorough medical history and x-rays.

During the surgical evaluation, also an MRI may be utilized if she suspects tendon involvement. If you are currently taking steroids or you have a disease like diabetes, consult your primary care doctor for assessment before getting a surgical procedure for a flat foot. This is because these conditions may not let you be a candidate for a surgical option. Also, if you have blood clots, problems with wounds, obesity, smoking addictions, etc. you tend to be at a higher risk for complications related to surgeries.