Custom Solutions for Foot Orthotics

Dr. Sophia Solomon provides her patients with the most fitted solutions when it comes to custom foot orthotics. Custom foot orthotics are way better than what we find in the drugstore or online. This is because they are not ready-made ones. Instead, these are designed specifically for your foot considering your individual requirements. Yes, there are common foot pathologies that may be beneficial for certain orthotic types. But having an orthotic produced with the help of a 3-D image or a mold of your foot is far better than any readily available insert.

Orthotics help in balancing your feet and legs while controlling your foot during walking or standing. Dr. Solomon will modify the orthotics as per individual requirements to correct deformities while controlling the foot and preventing motions that generate pain. Drop us a line today to know more.

Common Reasons to Use Orthotics

A flat foot is one of the most common conditions in which a podiatrist can prescribe orthotics. However, orthotics can be beneficial for many other problems as well. Custom orthotics are advantageous whether it is to treat kids with in-toe walking, a flat foot, or adults with heel pain or big toe pain. Dr. Solomon comes with many different orthotics to treat your specific foot condition. She, as an experienced podiatrist and foot surgeon, does a full biomechanic evaluation for determining the type of orthotics that will work the best for individual symptoms.

Biomechanics is a science that focuses on how your body moves during walking, running, as well as sports activities. Also, this is an integral part of a good sports medicine podiatric exam. Your New York podiatrist Dr. Solomon may recommend orthotics to address other problems as well. It is important to correct problems earlier since this can help in preventing more serious back and lower body issues.

Custom orthotics can be beneficial especially when you have Shin splints, Flat foot, Achilles tendon, and posterior tibial tendon problems, Runner’s knee, Back pain due to your feet and legs being out of alignment, Knee pain when your feet and legs aren’t balanced, General foot pain from standing on hard surfaces all day, etc. If you have serious foot pain, schedule an appointment with an experienced podiatrist.

Details About Orthotics

Custom orthotics are basically designed to control your foot and promote healthy foot mechanics. This plays a crucial role in preventing pain at other joints leading to arthritis. Most readymade orthotics and insoles act to cushion your feet only as you stand. They do not at all provide control to your structure and don’t contribute to making a real difference to your foot function. These pieces are usually soft and tend to break down quickly. Most people in need of orthotics would benefit from custom arch support.

Visit Dr. Solomon to find out more about a tailored orthotic device that you can benefit from. To get real relief from your symptoms, consulting a foot doctor is very important since only they can tell you if you need custom orthotics. These functional devices are designed to treat the specific condition of your foot. This helps change as well as correct your foot problems.

Custom orthotics assures much more than just arch support. They help in realigning your feet and ankles to improve the balance of your gait and standing position. They also contribute to controlling overpronation which is a major cause of foot pain. Orthotics promote excellent weight distribution, and that takes the pressure off the sore spots on your feet.