Types of Corns

Corns are thick, hardened layers of skin that usually develop on the feet and toes to protect the skin from friction and pressure. They can form on the tops and sides of your toes and also, between the toes. There are two types of foot corns – Hard Corn and Soft Corn. Hard corns have a hard core and can become very painful over time. They can develop on the outer side of your little toe. You may also find them on the top of smaller toes. A soft corn, on the other hand, develops between the toes.

If your foot corns are causing pain or discomfort, you should immediately see a good podiatrist in NYC. Dr. Sophia Solomon is a renowned podiatry doctor who has been treating people with foot and ankle problems for a long time. Contact us today!

Corn Removal Procedure

Your NYC foot doctor may shave down the corn in the office. It is usually a painless procedure. However, if it returns time after time, there might be an underlying cause that needs to be fixed. The most common deformities that lead to foot corns include hammer toe, mallet toe, a rotated or misaligned toe, etc. For hard corns, your podiatry doctor may recommend conservative care such as orthotic treatment. She may also perform a surgical procedure to fix the underlying deformity and provide a permanent solution. You can rest assured that the treatment will alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Like hard corns, soft corns can also be shaved down in the office. However, they may return again. In such cases, it is important to fix the underlying boney cause. Your podiatrist may remove a part of the bone in the fifth toe in order to correct the bone structure. Please get in touch with us to discuss your corn removal treatment options.

Dr. Sophia Solomon is an expert in correcting deformities that cause hard and soft corns. She will perform a thorough physical examination to find out the exact cause of the problem. She may also obtain x-rays and/or MRI to determine the extent of the injury. In our podiatry center, we use the most advanced tools and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of corns.

Recovery After Corn Removal Surgery

The in-office corn removal procedure has no downtime. You can return to work and resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, in the case of surgical corn removals, the patient needs to wear a postoperative shoe for the next few weeks. It’s a good idea to wait for at least three to four weeks before you start wearing your normal shoes again. Your corn removal podiatrist will give you the best advice on how you should take care of your foot following surgery. She will also recommend physical therapy and exercises so you can recover quickly.

Attempting to treat corns at home may not be a good idea. Trying to cut the corn yourself may result in an infection. Also, it can damage your skin. So, you should always visit an NYC podiatrist to get the right advice on how to take care of your corn. She will also discuss the procedure, recovery time, and activity with you. Contact us now to book your appointment.

Dr. Sophia Solomon is one of the best-rated NYC podiatrists who can provide you with a long-term solution to your painful corns. She will explain all the options to you. Dr. Solomon will give you expert advice and help you choose the best option. She will answer all the questions you may have. You can call us directly to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sophia Solomon.