What Is Bunion Surgery and Its Purpose

Bunion surgery is one of the most effective treatments for forefoot deformity. This procedure is also known as bunionectomy or hallux valgus correction. It is used to alleviate pain and discomfort during your walking cycle or other physical activities. Your NYC podiatrist Dr. Sophia Solomon will assess various factors before deciding on the most appropriate treatment option. Sometimes, people have a bunion deformity on both feet, and treating both deformities at the same time is known as a bilateral bunionectomy.

Dr. Sophia Solomon offers the most effective and aesthetically pleasing treatment options for patients dealing with bunions. You can rest assured that the procedure will correct your foot deformity with minimal scarring. If you have any queries about our New York bunion surgery procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Are you looking for the best podiatrist near you in New York? Dr. Sophia Solomon is the best-rated podiatrist and bunion surgeon in New York City. She has the experience, skill, and knowledge to accurately diagnose and effectively correct your foot deformity. She specializes in performing innovative, minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques. She also specializes in bunion hammertoe surgeryAchilles tendon surgerycorn removal surgerycustom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, flat foot surgeryfoot fracture surgeryheel spur surgeryminimally invasive foot surgeryplantar fasciitis surgeryingrown toenail surgery, and more. Make an appointment today. The most common causes and conditions of an ankle sprain are mentioned below.

She will diagnose your condition and tell you if bunion surgery is a good option. Her team uses the most advanced surgical equipment available in the United States. She will discuss all the risks and benefits and answer all the questions you may have regarding the procedure. You can rest assured that the procedure will not alter the aesthetics of your foot.

After no scar bunion surgery performed by Dr. Sophia Solomon, you can expect improvement in the stability of your foot, pain relief, and improvement in the aesthetics of your foot. Also, you will be able to walk normally again.

Dr. Solomon takes the time to thoroughly examine the patient before committing to bunion surgery. She will measure the extent of the deformity and determine the best type of treatment to suit your lifestyle. Please get in touch with us to book an appointment with Dr. Sophia Solomon.

Bunion Surgery Before and After

Minimal to No Scar Bunion Removal Surgery

Surgical Bunion Correction

Surgical bunion correction is the process of removing the bump from the big toe joint. Your bunion surgeon will do a minimal incision over your foot deformity to get an optimal cosmetic result. She will also move the metatarsal bone over to prevent the foot deformity from returning. The most common types of bunion removal procedures include Osteotomy, Exostectomy, and Arthrodesis. Dr. Sophia Solomon will determine the most appropriate type of bunion surgery based on the size and shape of your bunion.

After minimally invasive New York bunion surgery, you can expect to return to your normal activities within six to eight weeks. However, there are various factors that can influence your recovery after bunion surgery. These include your age, your overall health condition, the extent of the deformity, the type of correction you received, etc. You should contact your bunion surgeon if you experience symptoms like fever, chills, calf pain, increased pain and swelling in the area of surgery, etc.