Specialized Treatment for Ankle Sprain

Are you suffering from an ankle sprain? Do you want to consult a reliable foot and ankle surgeon in New York? Contact Dr. Sophia Solomon. She is NYC’s one of the top podiatrists with years of experience in this field. Ankle pain can arise from various structures surrounding and within the ankle. Therefore, an evaluation by a specialist is necessary. Luckily, ankle pain is treatable whether it is related to cartilage, ligament, tendon, or bone.

All symptoms need to be assessed with a thorough examination and consultation by an experienced podiatrist like Dr. Solomon. She can get you an accurate diagnosis as well as a treatment plan to free you from any underlying severe problem. Are you willing to discuss your ankle sprain problems with her? Book an appointment now!

Ankle Sprain & Its Treatment

Common problems like Ankle pain can result from various causes. Podiatrists like Dr. Solomon hold the training to treat all causes of ankle pain such as ligament injuries, arthritis, tendinitisfractures, etc. Make sure you let a qualified specialist evaluate the problem. They can get you a thorough assessment, a proper diagnosis, and a suitable treatment.

  • NSAID’s

  • Stretching and Physical Therapy

  • Shockwave Therapy

  • Surgical Repair of Tendon

Ankle Sprain: Common Causes, and Conditions

More than 75% of Americans suffer from various foot or ankle problems in their lifetime. This percentage seems to be even higher among the New Yorkers because walking is considered the basic method of movement here. The human ankle is a complex system made of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. The ankle joint needs to be strong and stable so it could support your body throughout various activities. Also, this will support the load requirements related to walking, jumping, pivoting, running, adapting to uneven terrain, etc. If you need sincere care from a responsible and experienced podiatrist near you, look no further and contact with Dr. Solomon.

Dr. Sophia Solomon is one of the top Foot and ankle surgeons in New York City. This podiatrist has years of experience in treating such cases. After a careful assessment of the ankle sprain you are currently having, she will properly diagnose you and suggest a proper treatment plan. In certain more severe or chronic cases, surgical treatment may be recommended.

Dr. Sophia Solomon is reputed for offering advanced ankle treatments that are based on techniques that are minimally Invasive, cause minimal scarring, and are aesthetically pleasing. Advanced pain-relieving solutions suggested and provided by her will help you return to work sooner. Are you tired of living with pain and discomfort? Visit Dr. Solomon. She specializes in bunion hammer toe surgery, achilles tendon surgery, corn removal surgerycustom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, flat foot surgeryfoot fracture surgeryheel spur surgeryminimally invasive foot surgeryplantar fasciitis surgeryingrown toenail surgery, and more. Make an appointment today. The most common causes and conditions of an ankle sprain are mentioned below.