Dr. Sophia Solomon

Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon
New York, NY

Are you looking for the best podiatrist near you in New York? Need to get in touch with a reliable foot and ankle surgeon? Dr. Solomon received her doctorate from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and went on to complete an intensive 3-year residency in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Solomon’s philosophy is to build a trust-based doctor-patient relationship and create customized treatment plans tailored to individual lifestyles and goals. She utilizes evidence-based medicine and the latest techniques such as shockwave therapy for tendonitis and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Solomon is skilled in the cutting-edge technique of minimally invasive bunion and hammertoe surgery leaving minimal to no scar!

Dr. Solomon treats a wide variety of foot and ankle-related problems, including foot and ankle pain, ankle sprains, fractures, tendinitis, deformities such as bunion, hammertoes or flat feet, warts, nail fungus, and much more. She is passionate about her field and getting patients back to an active lifestyle. Dr. Solomon is also a regular health contributor in news outlets such as Runner’s World, US News and World Report, NY Magazine, Today, Bustle Aaptive, and Woman’s World.

If you are seeking care for heel painball of foot painbunion, hammertoes, ankle pain, athlete’s foot, arthritis, orthotics, or any other podiatric condition, please feel free to contact us. Dr. Solomon will diagnose the cause of the foot pain and will design an individualized and symptoms-specific treatment plan for you.

Our Procedures

Dr. Sophia Solomon uses minimally invasive techniques to treat foot conditions that require surgery including Achilles tendon surgerycorn removal surgerycustom orthoticsflat foot surgery, and more. She places great importance on both functionality and an aesthetic result with minimal to no visible scarring. Some of our procedures include:

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

The latest minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques (No scar bunion surgery).

Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery

Dr. Solomon specializes in minimally invasive (hidden-incision) hammertoe surgery.

Foot And Ankle Pain

An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to eliminate foot and ankle pain.

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Surgical treatment of ingrown toenails also known as A Nail Avulsion.

Plantar Fasciitis

Fasciotomy, endoscopic plantar fascia surgery, and non-operative treatments.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Your podiatrist will determine the best treatment method to treat your warts.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Minimal invasive surgery, oral prescription antifungal drugs, and more.

Fracture Care

Experience the best foot fracture surgery and care in New York City.